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skvideo.io: Video input and output utilities

Utilities to read/write image/video data.


FFmpegWriter(*args, **kwargs) Writes frames using FFmpeg
FFmpegReader(*args, **kwargs) Reads frames using FFmpeg
LibAVWriter(*args, **kwargs) Writes frames using libav
LibAVReader(*args, **kwargs) Reads frames using Libav Using libav as a backend, this class provides sane initializations meant to handle the default case well.


vread(fname[, height, width, num_frames, …]) Load a video from file entirely into memory.
vreader(fname[, height, width, num_frames, …]) Load a video through the use of a generator.
vwrite(fname, videodata[, inputdict, …]) Save a video to file entirely from memory.
mprobe(filename) get metadata by using mediainfo
ffprobe(filename) get metadata by using ffprobe
avprobe(filename) get metadata by using avprobe