API Reference >> skvideo.io.vwrite
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skvideo.io.vwrite(fname, videodata, inputdict=None, outputdict=None, backend='ffmpeg', verbosity=0)[source]

Save a video to file entirely from memory.


fname : string

Video file name.

videodata : ndarray

ndarray of dimension (T, M, N, C), (T, M, N), (M, N, C), or (M, N), where T is the number of frames, M is the height, N is width, and C is number of channels.

inputdict : dict

Input dictionary parameters, i.e. how to interpret the piped datastream coming from python to the subprocess.

outputdict : dict

Output dictionary parameters, i.e. how to encode the data to disk.

backend : string

Program to use for handling video data. Only ‘ffmpeg’ and ‘libav’ are supported at this time.

verbosity : int

Setting to 0 (default) disables all debugging output. Setting to 1 enables all debugging output. Useful to see if the backend is behaving properly.


none :