API Reference >> skvideo.measure.videobliinds_features
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Computes Video Bliinds features. [1]

Since this is a referenceless quality algorithm, only 1 video is needed. This function provides the raw features used by the algorithm.


videoData : ndarray

Reference video, ndarray of dimension (T, M, N, C), (T, M, N), (M, N, C), or (M, N), where T is the number of frames, M is the height, N is width, and C is number of channels.


features : ndarray, shape (46,)

The individual features of the algorithm. The features are arranged as follows:

features[:36] : spatial niqe vector averaged over the video, shape (36,)
features[36] : niqe naturalness score, shape (1,)
features[37:39] : DC measurements between frames, shape (2,)
features[39:44] : Natural Video Statistics, shape (5,)
features[44] : Motion coherence, shape (1,)
features[45] : Global motion, shape (1,)


  1. Saad and A.C. Bovik, “Blind prediction of natural video quality” IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, December 2013.