API Reference >> skvideo.measure.niqe
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Computes Naturalness Image Quality Evaluator. [1]

Input a video of any quality and get back its distance frame-by-frame from naturalness.


inputVideoData : ndarray

Input video, ndarray of dimension (T, M, N, C), (T, M, N), (M, N, C), or (M, N), where T is the number of frames, M is the height, N is width, and C is number of channels. Here C is only allowed to be 1.


niqe_array : ndarray

The niqe results, ndarray of dimension (T,), where T is the number of frames


[1]Mittal, Anish, Rajiv Soundararajan, and Alan C. Bovik. “Making a ‘completely blind’ image quality analyzer.” IEEE Signal Processing Letters 20.3 (2013): 209-212.