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import numpy as np

from os.path import dirname
from os.path import join

[docs]def bikes(): """Test video data for video scene detection algorithms Returns ------- path : string Absolute path to bikes.mp4 """ module_path = dirname(__file__) return join(module_path, 'data', 'bikes.mp4')
[docs]def bigbuckbunny(): """Test video data for general video algorithms Returns ------- path : string Absolute path to bigbuckbunny.mp4 """ module_path = dirname(__file__) return join(module_path, 'data', 'bigbuckbunny.mp4')
[docs]def fullreferencepair(): """Test video data for full-reference video quality algorithms The sequence "carphone" is provided for quality-based test cases where two videos of the same dimensions are needed. Returns ------- paths : ndarray, shape (2,) First element contains the absolute path to a pristine video. Second element contains absolute path to a distorted video. """ module_path = dirname(__file__) return np.array([ join(module_path, 'data', 'carphone_pristine.mp4'), join(module_path, 'data', 'carphone_distorted.mp4'), ])
__all__ = ['bikes', 'bigbuckbunny', 'fullreferencepair']